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Breathe Shower Steamers

Breathe Shower Steamers

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Infuse your shower steam helping you to elevate your shower experience. When you're feeling tired and rundown, turn your shower into a SPA /SAUNA so you can feel like yourself again.

Our shower steamers blend of Menthol and essentials oils of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Tea Tree giving you a steamy shower power and soothing scent you know and love. 

Designed for people who appreciate bath time pampering but prefer to take a shower.


The big 3-pack set includes 3 shower steamers . Each puck is 2.25 oz. 

Single Steamer is 1 oz.

TO USE: Set water to desired temperature. Place on shower floor out of the direct stream of water to allow the puck to dissolve slowly. Soothing vapors are activated by small splashes from your shower to give you the ultimate, steamy shower experience. 

If you’re done with your shower before the steamer is done, or if you’ve gotten all the vapor you need for the day, simply pull the steamer out of the shower. The puck will stop reacting once it’s no longer in the flow of water and can be used again for another shower.

Our Shower steamers are hand crafted in small batches with the highest quality ingredients.

Please do not use shower steamers in lieu of bath bombs. The addition of menthol makes them unsuitable for soaking and could seriously burn your jiggly bits! We suggest that you wash your hands after handling steamer, even if you’re getting straight into the shower. Menthol is a powerful additive and will easily transfer from your hands to other body parts and could cause an uncomfortable burning sensation. 

***Not for cold showers

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