Our Mission

Sylvia's Sudsery's mission is to guide women towards creating their own self-care with no bounds while also keeping nature beautiful.

These bath goodies are for your enjoyment while also being a statement that it's possible to be a creative small business while keeping the environment in mind. 

We, at Sylvia's Sudsery, follow the Three R's: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, while also avoiding palm oil as an ingredient to reduce the chances of rain forest doforestation.


A big thank you to Danielle at Sylvia's Sudsery: Espress-O-Self coffee infused and inspired soap! This looks and smells so delicious! I wish pictures worked like scratch and sniff stickers so I could share this sensory experience.

Michaela M.

The soaps smell great while not smelling perfume like. However, what makes my heart the most happy was everything was wrapped in paper!...knowing that this company is committed to reducing first, reusing second, and recycling as a last option will have me coming back over and over!!

Megan L.

(Breathe Shower Steamers)

Do they take showers in Heaven?

I bet if they do, it smells a little like this. It's such a clean refreshing scent and a great way to start my day. I am definitely ordering a lot more of these. I especially recommend during cold and flu and allergy seasons!!!

Amiee V.


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